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Archive for August, 2009

A Performance Hybrid Electric Car

Enjoy a drive in a high performance hybrid electric car. For some reason that just does not sound right, but it is true. They are out there and soon to be available to you, if you have the money.

Ferrari has been developing their cars since the beginning of the company. Ferrari has been winning in Formula One consistently starting in 1951. Since that first win there have been 208 more wins with 203 pole positions and 218 fastest laps. All of these are records for any one team. Since Formula One is the most advanced form of racing with the stiffest competition in the world, this all-time leading winner knows how to get the most performance out of a car. Now they are developing systems for hybrid electric cars.

The leak came out early this year from the Geneva Motor Show. The Ferrari 599XX may have some form of the Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS) system deployed on the car. It is not a surprise since the Ferrari Formula One team is currently developing and using this system on their race cars.

If that was not inspiring enough there was additional news from the Paris Motor Show.
The Peugeot RC Hvmotion4 concept car claims 52.3 mpg from this hybrid electric vehicle. The performance part is 62 mph in 4.4 seconds. This is from a 1.6L conventional engine with 218 hp and 206 lb of torque powering the rear wheels. From the front wheels is a 70 kW electric motor that supplies an additional power of 132 lb-ft of circular motion.

This is all being developed because it helps the cars go faster and perform better. The side effect is that the vehicles produce fewer emissions and use less fossil fuel. So going green is beneficial for performance. I really like this trend. I cannot wait till my hybrid electric car reaches this better level of performance. I hope it will be soon.

When features like KERS start to be used in the racing world you can be sure that commercial developments in this area will be following right along.

Offset Carbon Emissions with Residential Wind Power

Residential wind power has many advantages by not only supplying your home with a green renewable energy source but it will also offset carbon emissions. This is how it will work for your home.  Wind power is collected from a set of blades much like the fans seen on many farms to drive the water pumps. This wind is really kinetic energy that is directly converted to electricity that is compatible with your household needs.

Residential Wind Power

Residential Wind Power

photo credit: Aleksander Kwiatkowski – flickr

Most residential wind power units are also connected to the local utility grid, which has two purposes. First when the wind is strong and your wind turbine is producing more green energy than your home needs, the excess power is transmitted to the local grid for others to use and you receive an energy credit from the utility company. The second is when the wind is below 7 to 10 mph, your wind turbine does not produce any electricity and you can draw energy from the local grid.

The power savings from a small wind turbine has the possibility of lowering your current electrical bill by as much as 90%, depending literally on how the wind blows. Of course this all depends on your consumption of energy.  There are many methods described here on Way to Go Green that will help you make decisions on how to lessen your own home energy consumption.

To determine the benefits to your home add up your previous 2 years energy consumption in kilowatts. The average for an American household is about 9,500 kilowatt-hours a year. Which translated to a constant need of your home would be in the range of 10 to 15 kW of power generation.

When you use a small wind turbine for residential wind power you will also offset carbon emissions by not requiring commercial power that is manufactured with polluting coal or oil.  This is the offset it would create with the reduction of greenhouse gases that would have been necessary to met your energy needs.

For a small residential wind power turbine about 200 tons of carbon would not be emitted and 1.2 tons of other air pollutants over the life time of your wind power system.  The average lifetime is greater than 30 years with most warranties lasting the same, 30 years.  Residential wind power is a renewable energy power source the whole world can benefit from.

Self Sufficiency on One Quarter Acre Discovered by Untrained Housewife

While searching for some information on self sufficiency and producing food for your own family I came across a website with a review of the book, “The Backyard Homestead.”

This book is of interest to those of you that have small areas of property and will guide you in the best methods of raising meat and plant food in small spaces.  Self sufficiency in these times is paramount.  I would not say that I am in the survivalist mode but it does not hurt to think small and grow enough food to take care of your immediate loved ones.

Though I was attracted to this site by the book title I want to call your attention to the actual website itself.  This site is The Untrained Housewife and is operated by @AngEngland with a plan to provide a place for young housewives or housewives that might have had a lifestyle change recently that would benefit by networking with others in the same situation.

Subjects covered by The Untrained Housewife are; the kitchen table, home management, homestead, hobbies, heart beats, family room and the medicine chest.  The tagline is “A community of mothers and homemakers sharing housekeeping tips and tricks.” The site is growing daily and you will find something of interest for all home makers.

Living on your own homestead and raising your family to be self sufficient is no doubt the single best achievement that you will ever obtain.



Some More Ways to Save the Environment

There are so many ways to save the environment that just thinking about it anybody can come up with a new idea. Some will come about by accident like what I had happen in my garage.  I was changing the oil in my car.  I always save the old oil to lubricate my motorcycle drive chains when I spilled some on an old piece of plastic.  I wiped it off a presto it looked like new.  I knew this but never thought about it, plastic is a petroleum-based product. Oil is a petroleum-based product. I now use old oil to revitalize most of my plastic.  Dirty oil needs to sit and at times be centrifuged but it work just fine try it.

A simple thing that will not only help the environment but your pocket book is to buy the things you need in bulk whenever possible.  This can be done in part at the grocery store or the department store.  This way there will be less packaging and trips to the store, which will save on fuel. Some times when a person buys in bulk they will need to repackage the items, that is ok remember the packages of ice cream you have already eaten from and cleaned the container, reuse them.

For those of you that are like me and like things for free try using your grass clippings and trimmings from the shrubs in your composted pile.  This is the world’s best fertilizer because it is just what Mother Nature uses.

For those of you that work in an office with a coping machine, grab the discarded paper.  My children love to draw and this is free paper and is possible for them to express themselves without a cost.   For those of you that either do not have children or they have left the nest, think you still use scrap paper.  This is a perfect way to not only fill the need but also save money.

There are so many ways to save the environment just think and do it.

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