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Archive for November, 2011

Advantages of using Home Made Power and How to make it

Surface Area Required To Power The World (revision)

Home Made Power

If you are living in a remote area where you are not able to use power from the national grid, the best thing is to generate your own power. There are quite a few methods for you to generate your own power such as the use of wind turbines, solar cells and the use of bio gas units. Out of all these methods the most hassle free and environmental friendly method is to use the solar power to produce your own home made power.

Even if you already have your connection to the national grid you could use this resource to generate your own power profitably. It is not a difficult task to install a few solar panels on your roof and start generating your home made power. The only technical point you need to know is how much power your household needs.

You must buy your solar panels depending on how much power you need to run all the appliances available at your home. When you buy solar panels and install them in such a way to provide you with enough power, during day time you will generate more power than necessary. You have the option to store this power in batteries and use it during the night.

In order to use your home made power stored in batteries you need to use an inverter. The inverter will convert the 12 volt power into 60 Hertz 110 volt alternating current. This is suitable for running all your domestic appliances.

The biggest advantage of homemade power produced by using solar cells is that it will never cause any environmental pollution. The day all the households are able to generate their own power without polluting the environment our planet is going to become a better place to live. It has to come sooner than later in order to prevent adverse effects of environmental pollution.

Non-toxic, solution-based inorganic solar cell chemistry with Earth

Non-toxic, solution-based inorganic solar cell chemistry with Earth-abundant elements.

Publish Date: 11/18/2011 5:00

3 for 1 solar deal

I picked up all 3 of these for 50 dollars you would be surprised at how much power some put out

make your own solar panels image
homemade powerplant 160
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