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Get Cash for Your Used Electronic Equipment

We all have oodles of used electronic equipment laying around in drawers and boxes and we all are going to sell them, or donate them, or recycle them, when we get a round tuit.

C’mon you know who you are.  We have actually sold a few items of  used electronic equipment on eBay and Craigslist but it is a hassle and then they go in the box, on on the shelf, in the drawer.  Out of site – out of mind.

Now Gazelle to the go green rescue! is a company that will purchase your; used computers, tv’s, mp3 players, iPods, cell phones, audio equipment and just about all types of reusable electronic equipment.  This is one of the best places for cell phone recycling and who doesn’t have a bunch of those lying around.

This company operates a very green business and we have heard nothing but good things about them.  You can select a category; fill out the checklist of items that you have to sell and give a description of condition and items that go with them, such as original packaging, manuals, original software, cables, etc.

Then you submit your entry online and they will make a cash offer for your used electronics.  Once you decide to accept the offer you can print out a label from their website and shipping will be paid by the buyer. OK you might get a little higher price if you sell directly to an end user, but this is the no hassle way.

They will notify you when the item is received, then it takes about a week for them to inspect it and approve that it meets your agreed to description and then they will issue you a check or pay you instantly through your PayPal account.

Gazelle goes one step further in the reuse – recycle – donation way of going green in that you may elect to have the payment made directly to your favorite charity.  Everybody wins!  So whether you want to get cash for your used electronic equipment and gadgets or if you want to recycle and donate at the same time we heartily recommend Gazelle.

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3 Responses to “Get Cash for Your Used Electronic Equipment”

  • mark le font says:

    I have the following:

    SONIC – DVD creator
    SONIC – Audio I/O unit
    CentreCOM – MR908TX 8-port stackable hub
    Dell 15 inch monitor

    make offer for all.

  • antonio ramirez says:

    I have the following……
    Pioneer Elite tuner
    Denon receiver
    Infiniti surround sound speakers
    Panasonic blu-ray player
    Gateway all in one computer
    HP all in one laser printer

  • Chris Hayes says:

    I have a ministry of sound portable DC/MP3 player MOSCD003
    Avro Pacific Mobile Adaptors (DC-AC Adaptor)
    Casio EV-510 2.5″ Portable TFT t.v.
    Compact Television Ariel.
    Dell Laptop stand. The one the docking station goes onto.


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