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Some Homemade Cleaning Supplies and Update on the Mexican Flu

Note: as we are now in the midst of a health epidemic with a flu virus that originated in Mexico, we want to call our readers attention to a website that has been monitoring the spread of the infection and publishes fair and balanced reports.  We are in the camp of no panic, but information is always of great benefit in such epidemics as this.

We recommend reading: to keep up with the worldwide reports.  They even publish information direct from the Center for Disease Control on the Mexican Flu.

Homemade Cleaning Supplies:

One of the biggest sources of poisons in every household is the cabinet that has the toxic cleaning supplies in it.  To help safe guard your family and the environment think of the alternative, homemade cleaning supplies. Most of these can be made with ingredients already in the average American home. Best of all they are non-toxic and non-polluting.

Next time there is a clogged drain in your house, try a non-toxic alternative. Mix ½ cup of baking soda and ½ cup of salt.  Pour them down the drain immediately followed by a gallon of boiling water. This will need to set overnight but in the morning turn on the tap, the water will drain down the pipes, and the clog will be gone.  This approach is non-toxic to the environment and safe for your pipes.

Baking powder has many uses as a cleaning tool.  The mild abrasive it inherently has makes it ideal for cleaning anything were scouring powder is used.

Another handy ingredient most homes have is vinegar. Combine this with baking powder and the black heel marks on the floor will disappear along with the grime in your bathtub. Vinegar by itself is a good cleaner on it own.  Use it to remove coffee stains and to clean your coffee pot and coffee maker.  When cleaning the coffee maker pour the vinegar into the area were water is usually put. Turn it on and let it run through a cycle.  Next to get the taste of vinegar out of your maker run two loads of just plain water through. This will help flush out any stubborn stains along with all traces of the vinegar.

Club soda is not just for cleaning stains out of cloths and other fabrics; it can also be used to polish hard wood floors and vinyl tile.

Homemade cleaning supplies are a safe non-toxic way to help the environment and keep those kids safe.

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