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Features of the GMC Hybrid Cars

The GMC Hybrid Cars utilize the first two-mode hybrid propulsion system in any full size vehicle in production today. This technology is patented and has helped to improve the fuel mileage of the Yukon and Tahoe full size SUV’s without losing any of their pulling power or size in the interior. The control module of the drive train monitors the power demand and with smooth precision the appropriate operating power mode is engaged.

This is a sure way to go green with a hybrid SUV.  The two-mode system is divided to maximize fuel efficiency without the loss of power.

1) Mode 1: This mode is low speed, idle and light power loads. There are actually three different modes within this mode. For the very light power loads, only the electric motor is supplying power. At the appropriate load limit the conventional engine engages and assists the electric motors. And at a heavy power load requirement only the conventional engine is supplying power.
2) Mode 2: This is the mode for which there is a high power load demanded. The full power of the v8 engine is engaged for situations as when passing on the highway, towing a trailer or ascending up an incline.

Other features of this hybrid include the KERS technology. This system utilizes the kinetic energy lost during the braking process and channels it to the battery. The Vortec V8 engine also has a new and improved Active Fuel Management System to optimize use of the fuel. The aerodynamics of the body is also improved to have a better streamlining effect. To monitor all the new systems, there is a hybrid monitor display visible for the driver to use.

The highway fuel economy is relatively unchanged. The big savings is in the city driving with an increase of nearly 30% better fuel mileage. This GMC hybrid is making its move in the full size market.

A Look back at the 2008 Hybrid Cars

In the year 2008, hybrid cars came of age. In America for the first time in 16 years, a car was the top seller, not a truck. But that is not all that the year 2008 will be remembered for. The roller coaster ride for consumers and investors that came from wide fluctuations in the price of oil and Wall Street instability left us all wondering what was next.  The biggest surprise of all was “Green Car of the Year” was awarded to a V-8 full size hybrid SUV with a combined fuel mileage of 20 mpg

A milestone was also achieved by Toyota last year. The announcement came on May 15, 2008 that more than 1,000,000 Prius have been sold worldwide. With the U.S. Congress approving an increase in the Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency to 35 mpg by the year 2020 with a benchmark of 31.5 mpg to be achieved by 2015 the Big Three must respond soon.

GM introduced 6 new models to their hybrid fleet. All but one was a full size vehicle. Chrysler also made 2 new hybrid models, but just like GM, they were full size hybrid models. From the Japanese manufacturer Honda, the announcement came that the all-new Insight will be reintroduced into the American market to compete with the Toyota Prius.

Looking back on the year, one could see a pattern. The American consumer purchased small fuel-efficient vehicles from Japan. The U.S. Government is mandating better fuel efficiency for the future of the automobile industry in America. Investors and consumers are worried about the instability and weakening of the U.S. economy. The Big three from Detroit still think the American consumer wants a big vehicle.

There was a bright sign that the boys from Detroit have finally received the message. Unlike the previous trip in corporate jets that were used as transport to capital hill, this time the CEO’s arrived in hybrid vehicles with their hands out to ask for more bail out money from the U.S. taxpayer. I think they finally understand that the 2008 hybrid cars are the turning point and this trend should continue.

President Elect Barack Obama Wants A Clean Energy Economy

In this technologically advanced society, it’s amazing that we can’t do more to live a greener, more energy efficient lifestyle. Under President-elect Barak Obama, this may change, and for the better. The newly elected President wants to create a nation where we can enjoy a cleaner, greener way of life. With the Obama-A Clean Energy Economy, this might become a reality.

Obama - flickr

Obama - flickr

Alternate Energy:
Mr. Obama has created a plan where the American people can save thousands of dollars on their energy costs, through the use of reusable energies. He would like to see better ways of using Wind energy, Solar energy, and even Geothermal heating, in order to reduce the amounts of hazardous emissions that hang in our atmosphere.

Hybrid Cars:
He would also like to see more people using the new hybrid plug-in cars, due to the fact that they can run up to 150 miles on a single gallon of gas. This would help our nation get out from underneath our dependency on foreign oils. He would also like to see more bio-fuels created, as well as newer synthetic petroleum products, which create less carbon dioxide than typical fuels.

Economy and Ecology:
Though he knows it will take a few years, but the Obama-A Clean Energy Economy idea is setting new heights in creating a better economy for the American people. He has figured out how to take our two biggest problems, economy and ecology, and combine them in an effort to alleviate them both. Through his plan, everyone in the country will have access to better jobs, more efficient energy sources, and a much greener society.

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